Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday Parties on the Cheap

Who doesn't like throwing a great party for their child's birthday? Everyone wants their kids to have great, memorable birthdays but they don't have to be expensive! Here are some tips on having a fun AND affordable party.

-Get goody bag items on clearance after holidays.
This year after Easter I got cute little flip flops filled with jellybeans for Fiona's party for $.25 each!
-Make your own cake.
A cake mix and tub of icing costs around $3.00, they can be free or close to it with coupons. Kids don't really care what the cake looks like, as long as they get to eat some!
-Print your own or make your own invitations and decor
You can find TONS of FREE printable birthday invitations and decor online. Also, before hand delivering your invites, make sure that the gas spent is cheaper than the stamp it would cost to mail the invite.
-Create your own photo books for your child to show off the past year
Many photo printing sites offer free prints when you sign up and they frequently have promotional codes out for free prints. Get an inexpensive photo book and WA-LA! A cheap photo flip book.
-Play silly games
Save money and some house damage, don't buy a pinata. Play simple games that don't require materials or ones that use materials you already have. Duck duck goose, tag, three legged races, etc.
-Shop the Dollar Tree!
The Dollar Tree has AWESOME party supplies for a buck each. Plates, napkins, cutlery, all a dollar. They even have helium balloons.
-Shop clearance sales all year long for gifts
Everytime you go to the store, quickly browse the clearance section. New items are added all the time and sometimes deeper discounts are taken since your previous trip. Shop all year long and stash items in a "gift closet" or tote. When a birthday comes along, shop the gift closet!

I hope these tips help you when planning your next birthday party! Do you have any tips for saving money on birthday parties? Please share!!!

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