Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ChristyNelson.net craft of the month

I won a monthly craft pack and some other goodies from KraftyKash and I got the bucket of items today. I was excited to get started on my craft for the month. Included in the packet was a small twig wreath, 3 small circle mirrors, lots of styrofoam beads in red, yellow, and green, floral wire, and 2 leather straps.

The rules are that you must use at least SOME of each material, and any other materials as needed. It is not required that you use ALL of the materials provided. You can only make one craft per packet for submission to the contest.

Here is my masterpiece.
It is a tiny red bird made out of 2 red styrofoam beads, a small bit of floral wire for a beak, secured to the wreath with floral wire. I used one of the little mirrors as a base for my "nest" and used 3 yellow styrofoam beads for eggs. I wrapped some of the green wrapper from the florist wire around the eggs to make it look like moss. All of it is placed into the twig wreath and I used a leather strap to hang it up.

It took about 10 minutes to make once I figured out what I wanted to make.

Head on over to Christy Nelson for yourself and check out the monthly contest, and get a craft packet of your own!

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