Monday, May 31, 2010

Trying my hand at being crafty

So I just joined this swapping site, Swap-Bot and I am totally loving it! So far I have received tons of cute little crafty things, cards, etc. They have these TAG games where you 'tag' someone and they send you something and you post something else to offer. I offered a handmade personalized bookmark in one of my tags thinking it seems simple enough if they pick that. Well, the person that tagged me chose the bookmark. I thought here we go! So I sat down tonight to brainstorm and figure out how to make this bookmark. It took me about 1 1/2 hours but this is what I came up with. Her name is Amy and she likes the colors orange and purple and the Princess Diaries books. The colors are a little washed out from my flash (sorry about that), but what do you think about the finished product?


  1. I love the bookmark!
    Want to swap?...LOL

  2. Christy, I am emailing yoU!

  3. Hi, I'm one of your partners in the "check out my blog" swap on swap bot. I think this bookmark is so cute. I've been doing swaps in swap bot since april and I am amazed at the creativity these people have. I only hope I get inspired to make something as pretty as this bookmark and others like it.

  4. BTW: my swap bot name is moonorchid9484

  5. Wonderful tag, I love how it turned out. By the way this is Stacy from Swap-bot and now following your wonderful blog. :D


    Swapbot-Check out my blog swap

  6. That's you just trying your hand at being crafty? You got talent! Looks adorable, sweet - simply lovely.


    [rooosterruler via swapbot]

  7. I'm one of your partners on the swap bot blog swap, I'm missanne over there :)

    I have to agree with everyone else, you're extremely crafty and talented! I definitely would love to see more craft projects featured here. I am now following your blog too by the way :)