Sunday, May 16, 2010

I made it!

Well, I made it through the mommy and me girl scout camping trip. We actually had a ton of fun! The girls loved it, there were no scaredy cats!!! All the moms were great as well, we had a lot of good conversation and some laughs as well. It was a great break from the usual hustle and bustle of being a mom.

We arrived at camp around 3 pm, we left right after school got out. First, the girls had to carry their own bags from the cars to the tents and get buddies. And by tents, I mean cabin-like tents. They are permanent fixtures and have cots!!! Plus one right there!! After the girls got their things into the tents, we made our beds and got bug spray on. We checked out the greenies, a.k.a. pit toilets, which were not as bad as all the moms expected!

Now we are ready to go on our first hike! We get to the edge of the woods near the start of the trail and it goes straight down. This hill is steep! We are all holding on to trees as we go slowly down the hill trying to keep our footing. We see some deer tracks and raccoon tracks but didn't catch any animals. The trails were muddy so we didn't do as much hiking as was planned. We also made a stop at the wishing tree and the troll bridge. The we had to go back UP this hill. That was an adventure all its own. We all made it!!!

We headed back to camp for dinner. The girls roasted hot dogs over the fire for the moms and themselves, We let the girls play for a little bit while the adults chatted and Fiona managed to fall in the mud! She had it everywhere! Then we had s'mores and banana boats. Oh my!!!!! Banana boats are my new favorite campfire food! I posted the recipe! We ended the night with some not so scary stories and singing.

The night was uneventful, no girls screaming and no critters getting into the cabins. In the morning we helped ourselves to cereal and donut holes while warming up by the fire. The it was time for a troop picture!

Then it was time for the girls to clean the greenies. Surprisingly, they were very willing and seemed to have fun doing it. Fiona even volunteered, and later did, to clean our bathroom at home! The girls did a couple crafts and that was pretty much it.

Fiona can't wait to do it again, and I am willing to do it again! We had a lot of fun and I would encourage anyone that has to opportunity to go on a girl scout camping trip, to go!

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